We asked some our of SD bartenders & venues what their favourite Christmas drink is

Venue: Section 8, Melbourne
Cocktail: Bootsy Collins

 fresh pep-up, and paired with a funky soundtrack, this is a perfect refresher for a warm Aussie Christmas Day!

“An Aussie Christmas is always warm, so I always enjoy a nice cold refreshing beverage.

The number we love is our ‘Bootsy Collins’, a zippy tribute to the bassist of classic funk outfit, Parliament Funkadelic!
This takes on the classic Tom Collins featuring gin, lemon, soda, and a special pink grapefruit, agave & quandong syrup by 4Thieves (an exciting new syrup brand we’ve got in the works!)”

Venue: Smoke and Oak, Darwin 
Cocktail: Death Flip

“It’s safe to say our staff’s favourite cocktail this time of year is a Christmassy number called a Death Flip. It’s a little twist on a modern classic created in one of the worlds best bars in Melbourne. Best way to explain it flavour wise is that it almost resembles a MUCH boozier egg nog!

It contains Jagermeister, Blanco Tequila, Yellow Chartreuse, Vanilla & egg.”

Smoke and Oak

Venue: Alex & Co, Sydney
Cocktail: Passionate Kiss

This signature cocktail sounds like the perfect waterside cocktail for summer.
Featuring: vodka, lychee liqueur, lychee, passionfruit, grapefruit.

Alex & Co

Venue:  Maybe Mae, Adelaide
Cocktail: Kith & Kin

This is guaranteed to boost your Christmas spirits and settle you into holiday mode! 
Includes fig leaf, apple, almond Bourbon, Dry Madeira; shaken, served frosty on a rock.

Maybe Mae