Hard Seltzer

Low calories, low sugar

Hard Seltzer is essentially an alcoholic, carbonated water RTD. With an increasing demand for low calories and low sugar amongst consumers, and the seltzer category taking off in the US, introducing it here in Australia has been a no brainer.

Thanks to CUB we have introduced two seltzer brands to our Signature Drinks portfolio, which you can now find in our current Rewards program.

Actual. Vodka Seltzer

  • ABV 4.2%
  • Lowest calorie RTD on the market
  • 300ml cans
  • Flavours: Vodka Seltzer Pure; Vodka Seltzer & Lime

Brookvale Union Boozy Seltzer

  • ABV 4%
  • 330ml cans
  • Flavours: Juicy juicy grapefruit; lime & orange bitters
  • ¬†
Brookvale Union