You will no doubt be aware that the NSW government recently tightened COVID-19 compliance measures for pubs, bars, clubs and other establishments. 

Checkin Mate is a new, completely free App designed to help venues and their patrons conform with these regulations in the easiest, safest way possible. 


  • Quicker, easier check ins for customers via a simple to use mobile app.

  • View current and past checkin data and update it if necessary, as well as download reports if needed to meet government requirements. 

  • Manage customer numbers in realtime with the help of our software (no more paper based head counts)

  • If you must collect some check ins by pen and paper, these can be easily added to the system later. 

How is Checkin Mate different from other digital sign in platforms?

Simply put, we’ve seen what’s out there and we’ve made it easier, safer and free to use.

Most current solutions rely on browser-based forms with a heap of information that your customers all have to individually fill in every single time they attend your venue. This is not only annoying for customers but potentially dangerous as they end up hovering for a long period of time around the entry to your venue when they should already be at their table safely distanced from other patrons.

Instead, we have boiled the checkin process down to 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the app (First time only)
  2. Enter your name and phone number (First time only)
  3. Enter the size of your group and check into the nearest venue.

Better still, the next time patrons with the App visit the process is even quicker and easier, potentially encouraging repeat business.

In addition to making it faster and easier to check in, we’ve added a brand new and very important feature for venues – Check out.

Customers that grant location access to the app will be automatically checked out of the venue once they leave. Venues can also click a button to check out people/groups that they know have left. Check out therefore makes it possible for you to use Checkin Mate to manage your customer numbers in real-time.